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Inspiration on disruptive innovation – Dead Poet Society – Seize the Day

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Dead Poets Society – “Seize the Day” – give yourself a summer vacation gift and review this fantastic movie to become inspired on leadership and unleashing talent. This story has its focus on the core of discovering your potential, unleashing human talent and look beyond any dominant discourse.

Those are the foundation of disruptive innovation or whatever we like to call it – creating new ways of realizing new amazing visions.

Take for instance the scene: The phone rings in the auditorium “Dear principal it is for you – it is God – he says we should have girls at Walton”. A disruptive idea that is immediately punished to ensure nothing changes. This way several examples of personal potentials are leashed with the purpose of protecting the dominant discourse of the past.

We follow the group of students who bring alive the “The dead poet society”, who is driven by the hunger of exploring their talents while the dominant discourse constantly challenge their dreams.

We need inspiration on how to set our own and others potentials free for the world to grow and deal with all of its challenges. It all start with a deeply founded personal decision to make a difference.

Let me know how you get inspired to make a difference.



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