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Steen Schledermann

My name is Steen Schledermann. I have a passion for personal and professional development and practice continous growth on a daily basis. I strongly believe in a bright and exciting future. My believe is based on the idea of innovation by iterative processes of continuous learning, enabling us to deal with the risk and vulnerabilities inherited in the unknown of the future of an exponential changing world.

Everything is possible – everyone have the resources they need to achieve their goals.

The past ten years of my own experiences of development, is a strong motivation for sharing ideas and contributing to a world of innovation. I have decided to start out by launching this blog – the future will eventually tell were it got me.

I hope to receive comments and sharing of my contributions. Any comment is welcome, likes as well as criticism – I highly appreciate the opportunity to learn new perspectives on my own opinion. Basically there are no right or wrong. Conflicts are often a matter of different situations, needs and perspectives.

I look forward to get to know your perspective.

Steen Schledermann


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